So Very Jo

DIY Projects

Easy DIY Boys Bow Tie

                                          Hello!  I wanted to bring you my version of an Easy DIY Boys Bow Tie.  During this past holiday season, my son came home with a note from the teacher stating that the school was having a Holiday Show and what he needed to wear for the show.  He would be required to wear a button down white shirt and black pants and a red bow tie.  Well, he had  ...

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My Sewing Projects

My #BestNine for 2016

Happy New Year!!! I know what you might be thinking, “how does So Very Jo have a Best Nine already”?  Well, before I started the blog, I had an Instagram account where I would post photos of my makes.  So without further ado, here is So Very Jo’s #BestNine!   1. This one comes to no surprise.  I joined Mimi G Style Sew It! Academy as soon as it opened last year.  If you want to learn how to sew, this is the place to be.  Even if you already know how to sew, this is  ...

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Pattern Testing

Grammie’s Dolls Abram’s Quilted Vest

Hi Guys! Guess what?!  Not only is this my very first blog post on, but this is also my very first pattern test!  Woohoo!! OK, sorry.  I got a little excited. I got the opportunity to test Grammie’s Dolls Abram’s Quilted Vest for my son.  This is a quilted sleeveless vest with two waistline finishes and kangaroo pockets.  You can make a curved hem or a straight hem with side buttons.  The best part is that this pattern is on sale until 12/9 so go and grab it!  You  ...

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